Let’s Keep Politicians Out of the Exam Room

Political agendas are getting in the way of the one-to-one relationship between a woman and her physician. Texas legislators have proposed policy that brings a third party into the exam room, negatively impacting our critical relationship. Because honest, open communication is the foundation of our practices, we are speaking out and encouraging our patients to speak out, too.


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ACOG President: It is Safe to Receive Flu Shot During Pregnancy

American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) September 13, 2017Articles

“ACOG continues to recommend that all women receive the influenza vaccine. This is particularly important during pregnancy. Influenza vaccination is an essential element of prenatal care because pregnant women are at an increased risk of serious illness and mortality due to influenza. In addition, maternal vaccination is the most effective strategy to protect newborns because the vaccine is not approved for use in infants younger than six months. Read more »

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